XRecorder APK | Screen Recorder & Video Recorder [19MB]

NO watermark, No root access, NO recording time limit, and YES now we have XRecorder the best way to record device screens. For the screen recording purpose, now there are several screen recording tools available with multiple facilities. Most of those tools are freely available and those tools contain the best facilities for screen recording. Among those tools, XRecorder is one of the most important applications that comes with plenty of new opportunities and super features. So you should download XRecorder’s latest version and try screen recordings, the process is completely free and reliable. 


XRecorder is easy to download and install. If you are looking to download and install XRecorder, now it is possible to directly download the XRecorder apk file for your android operating system. Here you have to use a reliable web source and within a few seconds, it is possible to complete the installation without any messing. 

What is XRecorder ?

XRecorder is a wonderful way to record your smartphone screen. Although we have several tools for screen recordings, among them the best tool is XRecorder. Here it allows users to capture clear and smooth screen videos as well as screenshots. The process is easy and reliable. The application is completely user-friendly and it requires a simple tap on your floating window. Then it begins the screen recording process.

All the videos that were recorded through the XRecorder, recorded in high HD quality. So we can make sure the quality is better than other screen recording tools. With XRecorder, now it is possible to record video tutorials, video conferences, video calls, games while playing, videos that do not have the permission to download, and many other things on your screen. Here users will not miss live shows, live game moments, and other important moments any more. 

More about screen recording with XRecorder

XRecorder is an elegant application for screen recording. As we know, now it comes with a bunch of functions to increase the screen recording facility. All the features include their support to enhance the tools’ recording facilities and if you still do not download the application it is worth having XRecorder. So hurry up and download the latest XRecorder version, users have the freedom to directly download the application, without any messing. 

XRecorder is now compatible with android 10 and below versions. But this is not only for android, now it is compatible with iOS, Windows, and Mac operating systems as well. For interested android users, it is possible to download the latest released XRecorder new update, freely without any messing. 

Download the latest screen recorder for your android – XRecorder the best way to capture everything on your screen 

Finally, this is the best way to record a video call, online conference, a movie while playing it, games, record a video tutorial, or other things- as you prefer. Here XRecorder includes necessary tools and finally, users get the freedom to take video captures and take screenshots of any static image. It captures anything and everything whatever is happening on your Android device screen.

XRecorder users will get the opportunity in all types of screen recording compatibilities. The best thing is, now you can begin recordings while playing a game, or record videos that did not support download as well. After recordings, users get the freedom to edit those recordings as well. Therefore it is possible to make adjustments for different parameters.  

Reasons to use XRecorder for screen recordings 

As we know, there are several reasons to use this XRecorder with your smart android device. The first one is XRecorder, which is a user-friendly tool. Users have the freedom to easily download it directly from the internet and it takes just only a few seconds to complete the installation. Rather than other screen recorders, the user-interface is easy. So within a simple tap, you can begin the recordings. 

Not only for android operating systems, now it is possible to install for iPhone, iPad devices, windows 10, windows 8, and other supported Windows operating system versions, and Mac operating system versions. XRecorder captures all the things that appear on the screen. Sometimes it may be an action or a play of a user.

XRecorder supports any videos that are from several apps. For example like Bigo Live, Periscope, Twitch, YouTube, etc. is the best way to export all the record videos into several and it has the freedom to record screen even without watermarks. The application does not require root permission and there does not have restricted timing. 

Basically, XRecorder is the best way to use it as your device screen recorder. So you must download this and store it in your device app store. 

Top features of XRecorder 

XRecorder includes several features. These features support users to increase the device performances and finally users get the best opportunities here with those features. 

Let’s see those most highlighted features included in the XRecorder application. 

  • Support a variety of videos such as periscope, musical.ly, Bigo Live or, tik tok, Twitch YouTube, etc 
  • Best screen recording 
  • Best screen capturing 
  • Clear and smooth captures and videos
  • Best Video Editor
  • Video Trimming  
  • Video speed balancing  
  • Record Gameplay 
  • Export videos in HD quality 
  • Custom settings such as 240p to 1080p, 60FPS, 12Mbps
  • No more watermark
  • Pure clean record videos and screenshot
  • Best Screen Recording with new Facecam
  • No timing limits for recordings 
  • No need for root access 
  • Floating window – control with one-touch
  • Countdown timer
  • Alternative storage location
  • Easy to pause recordings 
  • Easy to resume recordings
  • Support rotate screen
  • Ability to share those recorded videos on YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, IGTV, Facebook, etc 
  • Screen recording with full HD quality 

What are the next level features of XRecorder?

For video editing – some new facilities will be added. Those are video merges, allows users to add background music, freedom to add text, and more.

New brush tool – Allows users to draw on the screen with the freedom to mark on your device screen while recording the screen. 

Some of the best features are here users get the freedom to record gameplay with the highest quality such as 1080p, 12Mbps, 60FPS. Here it is possible to adjust resolution quality from 240p to 1080p and FPS from 15FPS to 60FPS.

Overview- XRecorder

While using the XRecorder, users get the freedom to game record without time limitations. This is a convenient recorder for games, movies, and the best recorder for screen capture as well. Finally, the tool allows you to capture your screen, and record the screen without facing any time limitation.    

XRecorder does not include a watermark. This is the best and most recognized screen recording tool that does not contain a watermark. Here it is a clean tool and does not contain anything that is unwanted. 

Rather than other screen recorders here XRecorder has the ability to record sounds as well. While recording gameplay, recording movies here it records sounds even in the best quality. So if you are looking for a screen recorder with the best quality you should select this powerful and best screen recorder with the best sound facilities. Here it has the ability to record the user’s voice clearly and fluidly. 

The new Facecam is the best way to record even user face and user reactions. Here it appears on a small overlay window. So users get the freedom to drag it into any place, any position according to user customization. 

XRecorder is something interesting rather than other screen recording tools. Here it is a well functional screen recorder with the best audio benefits in the best sound recording. To get those opportunities you have to record audio or add your own videos. 

The latest XRecorder version 2021

Last August, developers introduced another latest version for XRecorder. That is the XRecorder Update. It was officially released in 2020-08-11. In the new update, we can easily catch,

  1. New brush tool – It supports users to add arrows, circles rectangle labels 
  2. A one-click command for screenshots
  3. Enables touch guidance in the settings menu 
  4. New features, bug fixes with well-improved performances 
  5. Better user experience.

Download XRecorder for Android  

XRecorder is a popular freeware application. Android users now can easily download the application directly from the internet. The download and installation process is completely free. Here you have to select a reliable web source to download the XRecorder apk file. To complete the process, here it takes only a few seconds. Users can easily install XRecorder to your smart android device by following the below-listed instructions. 

Step 01. In the beginning, you have to download the XRecorder apk file directly from the internet.   

Step 02. Now open device settings. Then you must enable unknown sources. Enabling unknown sources is an essential step. So you can follow,

Settings > Security settings > Enable unknown sources. 

Step 03. Now close all the opened windows. Open device download folder. 

Step 04. Then you have to open the downloaded XRecorder apk file. Tap on it to begin the install process. Then you have to agree with the application terms and conditions.

To continue the process, run the application. To complete it, here it takes several seconds. 

Step 05. Finally, it’s all done.

After a few seconds, you can easily complete the download and install process fo XRecorder. Then you are free to enjoy the downloaded XRecorder application while doing thousands of screen recordings.

Download XRecorder for PC 

Such as downloading XRecorder for android, it is not easy to install XRecorder for PC devices. You have to use a mobile emulator and then it is easy to carry on the installation process. You can use the MEmu installer here. 

In the beginning, here you have to download the MEmu installer.

  1. Then start the process with MEmu. 
  2. Open Google Play.
  3. Now you have to search for XRecorder in the Google Play Store.
  4. Then tap on Install to begin the installation. 
  5. Then On install completion, you have to click on the icon to start the process.

FAQ’s on XRecorder?

Q1.What is XRecorder?

Answer: XRecorder is a screen recording application. Here it allows everything to record that appears on your device screen. XRecorder is not only for the purpose of screen recording. Here you can use it to edit those record videos and convert them into an attractive way. So you can add music, subtitles, trim videos, crop them and there are thousands of modifications included.  

Q2. Is my XRecorder application safe to use?

Answer: Yes. XRecorder is a completely safe and reliable tool. Therefore android users have the freedom to safely download it. But here you have to use a reliable website to download the application and do not use your personal information. 

Q3. Is that XRecorder included in Google Play Store?

Answer: Yes. XRecorder included in the Google play store. But android users have another chance to directly download the apk file from the internet as well. 

Q4. For what purposes does XRecorder use?

Answer: Basically XRecorder is used for device screen Recording. It records all the things that appear on your device screen.